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Preventative Dentistry


Professional Cleaning

While regular brushing and flossing are the foundation of good oral health, you may be surprised at the amount of bacteria remains in your mouth in spite of your best efforts and intentions. At Arlington Dental, we offer professional cleanings by a caring, experienced staff of Registered Dental Hygienists who will remove the calculus (tartar) and plaque from your teeth and polish them, leaving you with a clean, bright smile that you can maintain for optimal oral health. Our hygienists will offer you friendly, professional suggestions including how to better clean your teeth if necessary, and will alert you and your dentist of any condition that exists or could lead to a problem, so that treatment can be discussed and arranged. It is recommended that you get regular check-ups and cleanings to maintain good oral health and to identify and treat any problems before they become more advanced and more expensive to correct.

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Fluoride Treatment

Water fluoridation provides a number of benefits that help prevent tooth decay. Municipal water fluoridation is an extremely effective means of obtaining the systemic fluoride necessary for optimal prevention of tooth decay. In areas where wells are the primary source of drinking water however, systemic fluoride is not present in the water, thus your teeth do not receive itís protective benefits. The application of topical fluoride (similar to that found in toothpastes and mouth washes) is available and are offered to all of our patients. It is recommended that children have this treatment twice a year. This quick, simple, easy and inexpensive treatment can- along with practicing proper oral hygiene- help reduce the chance of tooth decay and its effects on your overall oral health.

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Sealants play a very important part in the prevention of dental decay in adults, teens and children. A sealant is a very thin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth with any deep groves on them. These teeth are extremely difficult to keep clean and free of decay . The application of a sealant will create a smoother, easier to clean tooth surface thus allowing for better, more effective cleaning and protecting the teeth against decay.. During regular check-ups the need for this treatment can be determined. If such a need is indicated, this inexpensive treatment takes little time, is painless and will provide you with important protection against tooth decay and itís harmful effects on your teeth.

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Oral Cancer Screening

At Arlington Dental, we look after all aspects of your oral health and that includes oral cancer screening with the revolutionary VELscope system. This hand-held devise enables us to fully examine your mouth and provides early detection of abnormal tissues that other screening methods can miss. It is a simple and fast procedure during which a safe blue light is used to examine all surfaces in your mouth. There are no stains or rinses involved in looking for suspicious areas. This advanced detection exam is a part of our on-going effort to promote oral cancer screenings, as early detection allows for the best cure rates.

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X-Rays - Digital

Digital Radiography offers immediate results for faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. There is no waiting time for developing, and Digital Radiography produces up to 80% less radiation exposure than traditional X-Rays do. Radiographs can be viewed on a monitor that
is visible to both doctor and patient so you can be fully knowledgeable of the condition of your mouth and have a better understanding of the treatment involved. All radiographs are taken with lead aprons and protective collars to keep radiation exposure to an absolute minimal and safe for all our patients.

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X-Rays - CT Scans

Until recently, the only readily available source of Dental CT scans has been at Medical Radiology offices. At Arlington Dental Associates, we examine and diagnose many of our patients using the i-Cat 3-D Dental Imaging System, the most advanced, in-office Dental CT scanner available in the region. Reduced radiation, greater accuracy and better pre-surgical analysis are only a few of the important reasons our dentists utilize this leading edge equipment. CT scan 3-D views are also extremely valuable in the surgical removal of badly impacted wisdom teeth, cysts and tumors as well as in the treatment of complex root canal problems and patients with chronic jaw pain. But the most important reason of all, is of course, that we are committed to providing our patients with the best possible treatment plans and utilizing the most up-to date technology available to insure a successful outcome.

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